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17 Beautiful Blue Nails Art


Blue presents us a peaceful and interesting vibe. Have you ever experienced the blue nail polish for your nails? In this article are we select up 17 top rated blue nails artwork for you. You can come across a simple blue nail polish, a geometric nail polish or a electric blue nail polish. We are positive that you can have on the blue polish as superbly as other nail polishes. If you want an edgy look for nails, why not pick out one of the blue nails now?

The post will not fall short you. Delight in and get influenced!

Sapphire Nails

However sapphire nail polish isn’t included other paints, it is simple but magnificent.

Sapphire Nails

Sapphire Nails by using

Electrical Blue Geometric Nails
The polish is created of deep blue, light-weight blue and pale purple. The shades assemble a attractive geometric form.

Electric Blue Geometric Nails

Electric powered Blue Geometric Nails by using

Triangle Nails
The light blue triangle nails give a fresh new vibe.

Triangle Nails

Triangle Nails via

Navy Nails
The silver nails are additional to the navy blue polish in buy to accentuate the wonderful appear.

Navy Nails

Navy Nails through

Blue and Pink
The glitters shine on the blue nails and the heart form is humorous on the strappy nail polish.

Blue and Red

Blue and Purple by way of

Blue Roses
The blue roses are contemporary and magnificent.

Blue Roses

Blue Roses via

Blue and Yellow

You can have this polish when you dress in a blue vest simply because the blue nails are a great match for blue clothing.

Blue and Yellow

Blue and Yellow by means of

Blue and White Nail Art
The light-weight blue and the deep blue make up the basic shade. White straps, black straps and white dots are added randomly on the nails in purchase to make a harmony come to feel.

Blue and White Nail Art

Blue and White Nail Artwork through

Blue Tartan Nails
The polish desires adequate endurance for the reason that it requires a number of coats and numerous paintings.

Blue Tartan Nails

Blue Tartan Nails by way of

Blue Nail Artwork
Four colors make a strappy glimpse.

Blue Nail Art

Blue Nail Art through

Amazing Nails
The mix of gentle blue and silver is artistic.

Cool Nails

Awesome Nails via

Dazzling Blue and Black
The black paintings on the brilliant blue nails are trendy and amusing.

Bright Blue and Black

Dazzling Blue and Black via

White Heart Form
The white coronary heart form chain on the deep blue nails give an elaborate appear.

White Heart Shape

White Coronary heart Condition by way of

Fantastic China Nails
Do you consider the nails are blue and white porcelains? They are rather as nicely as typical.

Fine China Nails

Good China Nails through

Blue Strappy Nails
The blue straps make an ombre nails search.

Blue Strappy Nails

Blue Strappy Nails through

Peacock Nails
The peacock polish performs perfectly with the simple blue nails.

Peacock Nails

Peacock Nails by means of

Stamping Nails

The light blue circles are painted by stamps on the deep blue nails. The polish gives a mystery but attractive search.

Stamping Nails

Stamping Nails by way of


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