1980s Hairstyles For Women - 14 Iconic Hairstyles
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1980s Hairstyles For Women


When we consider of the daring and wild trend of the 80s, we assume of flared trousers, animal prints, athleisure, chunky sneakers, peplum tops, windbreakers, and acid washed jeans. Yeah you could say it was the ten years of the debut of numerous statements earning trends that we still rock to this working day. The makeup of the 80s, on the other hand, was a blend of glimmering blue eyeshadow, maroon lipstick, and an additional contour galore. You could possibly be pondering, but what about the hairstyles of the 1980s? Effectively, they also manufactured their statements in their personal controversial however basic methods.

1980s Hairstyles:

Get a nostalgic vacation through instances with our record of the 1980s hairstyles and see for you if they are deserving of the controversy bordering them. In this article are the top rated 10 hairstyle developments from the 1980s that will give you nostalgia like no tomorrow.

#1 Iconic Fe-Mullets:

The fe-mullet is probably a single of the most legendary yet also the most controversial hairstyles to this working day. It started with Prince and Billy Ray Cyrus rocking this outdated timey hairstyle, and before long adequate, everyone that admired them was rocking this glimpse, regardless of gender. Sad to say, it did not glimpse just about as superior on girls as it did on Prince, but it is nonetheless a manner experiment the business plainly is not much too regretful of.

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#2 Adaptable Mohawks:

The mohawk was but a different a single of the well-known hairstyles of the 1980s which aren’t so very well obtained in today’s day and age. Noticed on both adult men and women, this funky and exceptionally bold hairstyle was a symbol of riot and was primarily opted for by men and women who were into rock music and goth society. It worked effectively with the moody make-up of the ten years which consisted of dark lipstick and smoky eyeshadow.

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#3 Jheri Curls:

If you’re not common with the thought of the legendary Jheri curls, enable us fill you in. Invented by the hairdresser Jheri Redding, this hairstyle stays as one of the most legendary African American hairstyles to this day. The Jheri curls are tightly coiled curls which glance most effective on small hair and appear shiny and badass, on equally guys and ladies. Famous people like Rihanna, Evelyn King, and Ola Ray have given that rocked this very easily stunning hairstyle.

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#4 50 % Up Half Down:

It is very simple, it’s quick, and it’s a total basic that stays in trend at all instances. Even so, the 50 percent up half down hairstyle was notably well known and appreciated in the 80s, and confirmed up in film on blow out, puffy, curly hair. The search has a childlike innocence to it, which built the girls of the 80s look chic and lovable with certainly no work.

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#5 Layers and Bangs:

When it came to layering, the hairdressers of the 80s truly went all out. Specifically popular among the blondes with dim roots, this feathered appear consisted of limited but multiple facet levels along with wispy bangs upfront. This hairstyle preserved its feathery composition with a lot and tons of hairspray and was worn by celebs like Farrah Fawcett and Jennilee Harrison in the 80s.

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#6 Significant Waves:

The 80s weren’t only about messy and wild curls, whilst they have been a good portion of the decade. Tamer hairstyles came in front of shorter straight bobs or silky waves. This girly and easy hairstyle grew to become the one hairstyle youthful female celebs of the 80s swore by and soon sufficient turned a image of the iconic classic Hollywood design. Apart from the Tv, this also became notably well known sorority ladies and socialites for that stylish and hot touch.

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#7 Significant Afros:

The effective 10 years of the 80s would not have been what they grew to become if it weren’t for the liberating hairstyle of the afros. Immediately after many years of currently being forced by the beauty marketplace to cover their all-natural hair with wigs, African Americans took a stand versus racism by allowing their all-natural curls free and producing a gorgeous assertion with their huge and remarkable afros. Shortly ample, all the pop stars were rocking this hairstyle pattern.

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#8 Scrunchie Mania:

Indeed the VSCO lady-dominated trend that you noticed taking over the total year of 2019 truly originated in the 80s and, allow us explain to you, there have been no VSCO girls to introduce this craze at the time. Scrunchies have been worn by just about every teenage woman of the ten years and the lopsided and messy scrunchie ponytail shortly created its way on to the record of the lots of legendary hairstyles of the 80s.

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#9 Whale Spout Ponytail:

This one’s undoubtedly a throwback for the girls who have been as preppy as can be back again in the day. One more hairstyle accessorized by the iconic scrunchie, the whale spout ponytail was actually a cherry on top rated of your head, commonly paired with feathered bangs and hoops by women who appreciated to participate in it safe when it arrived to manner and model.

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#10 Crimped Hair:

Now, this is 1 of the tendencies that we search back again upon and assume: what on Earth were being we all even considering? Crimped hair has earned its posture as maybe the strangest and most controversial hairstyle of the decade thanks to everyone’s obsession with out-of-the-box vogue statements at the time. Properly, we’re glad to say that we hope this craze will not be generating a comeback any time soon.

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#11 Permed and Teased:

One more thing everybody seemed to be obsessed with in the 80s is perming and teasing your hair to the max. Hairspray was a person of the most valued beauty products and solutions as every person packed it on as much as they could to keep their crazy hairstyles in location. In destinations like Texas and New Jersey, the even larger your hair was, the far better your appear was, which is why this pattern specifically soared in people locations.

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#12 Retro Wrap Up:

Madonna was the queen of iconic and original hairstyles in the 80s, and when she rocked this punk version of the strong retro hairstyles, wrapped up in a bow headband, anyone realized it was likely to be the trendiest hairstyle of the 10 years. And truthfully, no a person was complaining.

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#13 Ribbon Barrettes:

Fulfill the pearl clips of the 80s ribbon barrettes. Worn to give you that university woman innocence with a chic and stylish touch, this became a really popular hair accessory and was mainly worn by teenage girls on top rated of free and lovely curls. We’re hoping for a contemporary comeback to this easy but alluring hair craze.

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#14 Wild, Wild Curls:

Let us experience it the 80s had been the ten years of the curls. Afros, Jheri curls, teased hair, and mullets, there is nowhere you would not place a mesmerizing mop of curls. Created preferred by singers like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, the curly hair trend is some thing we’ll never neglect, mostly since of its carefree and fashionably wild visual appeal.

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It is
a thing to confess that the hairstyles of the 80s ended up a blend of controversial
alternatives and basic statements that we’ll under no circumstances forget no subject what, as the
development in trend is all about understanding from the past and reviving those
tendencies for the superior. All we know is that we’ll surely be rocking some of
these 80s hairstyles in 2020!


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