20 Hair Styles that are Easy to Apply for Round Faces
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20 Hair Styles that are Easy to Apply for Round Faces


Although it seems that round faces are challenging to style, there are still tricks to have dashing hairstyle all the time. Some of the most flattering ways to style your round face actually are incredibly easy. Intending to append length to the front, certain easy hairstyles for round faces also show more definition. Along your way of styling the hair, you’ll discover secret rules about how to lengthen the appearance of your round face.

Below compilation of the most effortless hairstyle to apply for round faces will give you necessary visual inspiration. A-list celebrities, who are undoubtedly known for always owning a stunning look, even have popularized some of these hairstyles.

1. Middle Parting

The middle parting hairstyle isn’t only effortless but also strikingly straightforward and beautiful. This classic straight-down-the-center style makes your face look slimmer and longer. Get that “cool girl” vibe right now with this hairstyle idea!

Wavy hair combined with brown color to make perfect your style.
Medium long blonde hair color that is arranged a little wavy to make your style looks beautiful.
Medium wavy hair with purple and green colors that can make you look cool.
Long wavy hair combined with light brown to make your appearance look perfect.

image source

2. Side Bun with Bangs

A low bun sitting on one side of the head can look amazing once paired with center-parted bangs in front. This easy hairstyle works by concealing a little of the width of your face, thus making it less round. This style is a fun way to show off your versatile and flirty side as well.

Hair style with a bun on the side combined with bangs on the front makes you look beautiful
Beautiful hair bun on the side that is equipped with bangs on the front makes your hair look neat.
Braided hairstyles combined with a bun on the sides that are equipped with flower accessories to make your appearance look perfect.
Braided hairstyles combined with a bun on the side that makes you look beautiful.

image source

3. Curly Hair

Having a round face doesn’t mean you always have to hide the shape or trick it into a more lengthy form. Cherish your beauty by letting curly hair down to create additional volume. You can also try choppy layers or triangle layers haircut combined with curly hairstyle.

Short curly hairstyles in black color that make your style looks cool.
Curly brown hairstyles to disguise your face that looks round to look beautiful
Beautiful curly hairstyles with brown colors make your appearance look beautiful.
Short curly hairstyle that is neutral in color makes your appearance look sophisticated.

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4. Sleek Straight Long Hair

Time to put your straightener into proper use! Your round face can look much more flattering with a long, elegant hairstyle. It has the ability to build an illusion of definition and length to the front, and of course, it’s straightforward to do on a daily basis.

Long brown hairstyles to make your round face look beautiful.
Straight hairstyle in natural color makes your style look perfect and beautiful.
Straight blonde hair style that can make you look beautiful.
A straight black hairstyle with a slightly brownish lower part makes you look elegant.

image source

5. Shaggy Bob

Shaggy bob hairstyle brings your eyes downward in a flattering way. You can try an asymmetrical one to achieve this. You can also experiment with the edgier and more texturized hairstyle of messy bob. You’ll quickly see how these styles own inimitable charm that’ll make you the center of attention in an instant.

Short shaggy hairstyles that are slightly wavy with natural colors will make your appearance looks more classy.
Layered blonde hairstyles will make your style looks perfect for this season
Wavy blonde hairstyles with short cuts make your style look perfect.
Short layered brown hairstyles that will make you look beautiful this year.

image source

Hopefully, these inspirations allow you to step up your hairstyling game! These easy hairstyle ideas are some of the best ones you can find on right now, and it seems that they are still here to stay. Have fun styling!


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