5 asymmetric tops that favor all girls
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5 asymmetric tops that favor all girls

This season the temperature has risen too much and I don’t know about you, but in this quarantine I like to experiment more with my look, try different styles and trends. I have always said that you have to try on your clothes to see if you really like how it fits and if it really goes with your style, never say “I will not drink from that water“Which for me translates to” I will never wear it “, because until I don’t try, I don’t believe.

When I saw that this year the asymmetric tops, I thought that this year if I would dare to try how they fit me, because I am one of the self-conscious girls (very bad!) I am afraid to show a little skin, but I knew the shape of these tops And you will love its shape, because they frame the perfect silhouette and it is time to show everything you want and leave behind those fears with your body.

How to wear the asymmetric tops?

This season tries to break the balance, just as this garment will do with your outfit. Play with tops that they only have one sleeve and the other does not, or with those that have a little cleavage and everything else covered. Try different styles and find which one you like best.

Here we will show you some options and they will all be perfect for your body, here the question is that you choose which is your favorite and choose between the material, the type of cut and the color. You can buy all the clothes online and so you can wear them from home and take nice photos for yourself.

  1. Top with olán – C&A (it already has an online store).

2. Top Punto – Zara

3. Top with sleeve – Bershka

4. Top with slits – H&M

5.Top GCDS X Farfetch


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