5 tricks to make your eyes look bigger with makeup
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5 tricks to make your eyes look bigger with makeup


Discover how enlarge your eyes with these makeup tips so that your look is the protagonist

Try these 5 tips to make your eyes look bigger when you put on makeup, you will be surprised how easy it is to show off a striking look

Light shades

So that your eyes look more big integrates shades of light colors such as nude, white or beige into a daily makeup, as these illuminate the look and give it a freshness effect. Avoid dark tones like browns, blacks or wines.

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Eye makeup light shades



It does not matter if you are a fan of gel, pencil or liquid paint, you need to integrate the outline of the eye. Outline on the eyelid, with a fine line that goes beyond the end of your eye to give the illusion that it is more big.

Eyeliner with big eyes

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If your mascara is not giving you that illusion of big eyes, perhaps you are not applying it in the best way, so here we leave you a step by step of how you should use it:

  1. Remove all excess mascara from the brush.
  2. From the birth of the lashes outwards, place the mascara, moving the brush in a zigzag effect.
  3. Finish detailing the tips of your lashes.

Join outlines

If you want you eye see more big, delineate the bottom of it with some brown or black shadow. We suggest that you do it very close to the lower lashes and only in the middle of the eye, to give a plus to this effect, connect the lower outline with the upper one.

Join outlined eye makeup


Correcting eyeliner

So that you eye look more bigTry to outline inside with a pencil in white or nude, to give the visual illusion that the dimension of your gaze is deeper and more striking.

White pencil big eyes


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