mantle green-legging-leather-bag-in-hand shoulder
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How to wear women’s leather pants – 100 chic looks to wear this season

There are timeless pieces of clothing that are not immune to any fashion trend because they are so versatile and chic. Women’s leather pants join the flagship list and become the symbol of the elegant woman who can skillfully play with different styles. Far from being reserved for rock and grunge looks, it adapts to the taste of the day and to our whims. A real basic piece, the leather pants sculpt the body and give it an elegant silhouette with little effort.

If it is easy to fall for leather pants, it is also true that it is not always obvious how to wear it without being vulgar. Indeed, there are winning combinations that will guarantee you a perfect look. You can of course add a personal touch to it with a few accessories. That way you assert your own style while staying on the right track. For the days when comfort wins over the desire to impress, adopt a relaxed look. A pair of white or colorful sneakers, a wide turtleneck sweater and you’re ready to face the day. Complete this look with a trendy tweed coat or a vintage denim jacket. To achieve its chic and urban look, opt for a basic shirt in a sweater combined with trendy boots or derbies. With the leather slim we especially avoid jackets that are too short.

In summer, we invite you to play on different materials and styles to create a nice contrast effect. A lace top or a basic white t-shirt with lace effect will give you the romantic side and thus soften the leather look. On the other hand, the women’s leather pants are also very chic in a summer evening outfit. We especially like it in combination with a bare shoulder top and heeled sandals. On the accessories side, you have a lot of freedom depending on the desired effect. If you prefer a minimalist look, you can opt for a pair of trendy glasses. When you’re more on the urban chic side, opt for a small shoulder bag. It will feminize the boyfriend coat and will also be a glamorous accent in your outfit.

Women’s leather pants – the flagship piece this winter.

mantle green-legging-leather-bag-in-hand shoulder

Pair the 7/8 leather pants with chic sandals or pumps.

pumps, flange-to-peg-legging-in-leather

Tweed coat and leather pants – the right duo this winter.


Casual chic look in black and white.

look-black-and-white-margin coat-long slim leather

Silver derbies and small shoulder bag to enhance the look.

Derbies-silver leather trouser-coat woman pink

The oversize trend and the leather slim.

trend-slim vest-wide-gray boots-in-leather

We love the combination of aviator jacket and sweater shirt.

look Wintergrasp-casual jacket and aviator-slim leather

Opt for a loose turtleneck sweater.

how to wear it-legging-leatherette-pull-col-rolled-bskets-white

For an elegant look, choose a light top and an asymmetrical jacket.

look-stylish-legging-effect leather-jacket-asymmetrical

The urban chic style adopts faux leather leggings.

leather leggings-coat-of-tweed-cap to large-edges

Heeled ankle boots and faux fur coat.


Colorful sneakers and leather effect leggings.

sneaker-colored trouser-in-leather-jacket-black-woman

Leather pants, wide version.

wide trouser-leatherette-pull-green-Olive-

Cozy and chic look.

coat-striped sweater-big-to-neck rolled-slim leather

Held in black and white enhanced by the accessories.


Pair the leather slim with studded ankle boots for a rock side.

jacket khaki leather-leggings-woman-blouse-printed

Nike sneakers combined with leather skinny jeans and a long trench coat.

nike sneakers-coat-color long-olive-legging-leatherette

Dare layering clothes.

New Balance sneakers-coat-camel-jacket-with-jeans-pants-leather

Zipped faux leather pants.

blouse-elegant-stilettos to lace-panatalon leather-wife

Blouse with large fancy sleeves for a romantic look.

blouse-glamor-breakfast bag to hands-legging-effect leather

Total black look.

coat-large-big-to-neck sweater-rolled-slim leather

An office outfit adopting leather leggings.

boots bridle-leather-pants-jacket-camel-held-elegant

Studded ankle boots and leather pants.

BOOTS-studded trouser-in-leather-jacket-woman-gray-shirt-printed

How to wear oversized clothes in a chic way – we pair them with skinny leather.

shirt to tile-oversize-slim leather-loop-CARI-golden

Heeled sandals to feminize the look.

shirt-blue-panatlon-leatherette-woman sandals to heels

The printed t-shirt and zipped ankle boots give a rock look.

trend-legging-leather-women-shirt-print-boots-in-leather panatlon-leather-jacket-black fur bag to elegant hand

The fatal businesswoman look.

pants leather-coat-woman in fur scarf en satin

The white and black combination makes chic.

held-chic-and-stylish-white-jacket-top'blanc-legging-leatherette sandals to lace-slim leather-jacket-White trouser trend-leather-boots-black jacket and aviator

Leopard print as a chic accent in a black and white outfit.

how to wear leggings-the-leather-ballerinas-shirt-white

The lace top to be on top of trends.

how to wear leggings-the-leather-in-summer-top-in-lace

Choose the right accessories for an evening look.

how to wear it-legging-effect leather-trend-spring how to wear it-legging-in-leather-blouse-oversize

How to adopt the total black look for a dark and chic style.

held-all-black-big-pul-col-rolled leather trouser
how to wear it-legging-leatherette-pull-col-rolled-bskets-white

Gray sweater entered into the leather pants.

how to wear it panatlon-leather-jacket-long shoes-studded-blouse-wide-striped trousers leather

Glamorous sandals as an accent in an office outfit.

shoes-glamor-shirt-striped-slim leather

slim burgundy leather-vest-fur-boots to fringes

Dare the leopard pattern.

shoes-printed leopard-panatalon-in-leather-wife

Bring the color with a large red coat.

coat-long-red-shirt-wide trouser-in-leather-wife

Bardot top and leather leggings for a summer evening look.

top-glamorous sandals to heels trouser-leatherette

The fringed boots go perfectly with 7/8 leather leggings.

Trouser-trend faux leather-big-sweater-white-boots to heels scarf burgundy-leather-pants-parka-dead-in-hands-stylish

Pointed red pumps for timeless elegance.

Vest-burgundy-legging-effect leather-shoes to heels

White shirt in original leopard print sweater.

leopard-print coat-trousers-in-leather-wife

A cocooning outfit in black and white.

big-bag to hand-pull big leather trouser
wide trouser-in-leather-women-sweater-end shoes

Modern and chic look.

off-white sweater coat-in-wool-leather-pants-trend winter

Burgundy coat with turned-over collar and elegant pumps.


Choose a pastel color accent for freshness.

leggings-in-leather - shirt-white-shoes-open-camel

Sailor blouse and oversized coat.

long-coat-olive-green-sneakers-Nike-blouse diving

Mlong enough and ample to contrast with the leggings.

look-bohemian-chic-leggings-with-leather-jacket-sailor-hat to larded-edges

We like the combination of black and camel.

look chic-stylish coat-camel-legging-effect leather-bag-of-night

Khaki parka and leather pants.

look-casual-parka-khaki-leggings-with-leather-wife look rock-studded shoe-shirt-printed leather-lslim look-casual-shirt-white-slim leather

Small shoulder bag as a colorful accent.

blouse-elegant-legging-in-leather-shoulder-bag breakfast

Zipped leather pants associated with loose t-shirt.

look-all-black trouser-in-leather-women-shirt

Chic casual outfit.

sneakers-and-pants-in-leather-women-top gray shirt en jeans Vintage-look jacket-en-jean-legging-leatherette

For an elegant look, adopt a straight coat and pointed pumps.


Matching studded pumps with a camel coat.

coat-camel-shoes-studded-leather leggings, coat-camel-leather-leggings-sneakers

Sequins and leather.

look-stylish-legging-effect leather-big-bag-in-hand

The leopard pattern in a total black look.


Play with shades of one color.

Pelouche coat-trousers-leather-woman-gray sneakers, New Balance
trend trouser-in-leather-woman-in-summer-blouse-elegant-heels New Balance sneakers-jacket-with-leather-big-scarf-slim leather

The trendy black look.

held-chic leggings leather-large-scarf-glasses-of-sun-trend

pants-leather-red-shirt-white-shoes-look-of-office trousers-on-copper-woman-color-pink-beige jacket pink

Leather pants and trendy sweater.

pull-big-mesh-color-pink powder-panatlon-in-leather-woman-show elegant

The black look emphasizes jewelry and the leopard print.

oversize sweater-shoes-printed leopard-slim leather

Beige pumps and a scarf to soften the black look.

shoes-beige-leather leggings en-wide-scarf slim leather-elegant-trendy fur-shoes

High waist faux leather leggings for an elegant look.

slim leather-so-elegant coat-camel-heels trend (leather-slim leather-large-beige sweater leggings-in-leather-boots-coat open-stylish

The jeans and leather look.

Vest-in-jeans-top-sneakers-white-leather-leggings New Balance sneakers-Coat-tweed-effect leather-leggings trend-leather-pants-in-leather-women-sweater-shirt-gray sneakers

The oversize trend and slim faux leather.

shirt, camouflage trouser-in-leather-women-shoes-open wide-panatalon-leather-jacket-to-evening-look-Black-Touit

The essential look for this winter.

sneakers-white-coat-camel trouser-leatherette

coat-pink pointy boots, leather leggings,
trendy-pants-woman-leather-and-sweater-loose "width =" 700 "height =" 700 "srcset =" -cuir-et-pull-ample.jpg 700w, 300w "sizes = "(max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px" /> <img style= t-shirt-printed jacket, khaki-slim leather-shoes to heels

The grunge side of slim leather pants.

held-style-grunge-slim leather-top boots-cropped held-all-black-shirt-and-slim-suir bag-in-hand-in-leather

Romantic lace T-shirt combined with women’s leather pants.

Top-pattern-lace-sneakers-leather trouser

To brighten up the black look, choose an original printed t-shirt.

t-shirt-printed-slim leather-boots-leather

Burgundy leather pants for women.

leather-jacket-gray-sweater-leather-pants-woman-color-burgundy "width =" 700 "height =" 700 "srcset =" /veste-en-cuir-pull-gris-pantalon-cuir-femme-couleur-bordeaux.jpg 700w, gray-pants-leather-woman-color-bordeaux-300x300.jpg 300w "sizes =" (max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px "/>  <img style=


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